About Us

Why Bend Tool?

We founded Bend Tool as a way to hold ourselves accountable for making our ideas reality. We are fascinated with the processes and complexities involved. Sharing our tools with the world gives us the opportunity to not only make things - but with your help and feedback, also make them better.

What About the Name?

To Bend is to change physical form; the name represents solution through design. All projects involve change and to change is to create. We believe design should be intuitive, effective, and practical. Through design, a change is forced upon something. Our view is, to Bend is to change, and Bend is to create.  

Why Tools?

We have been making things together since our teenage years. As we became adults, our projects were focused on our homes – and improving them. As our experience set in, we began to appreciate the value of having the right tool, as Andrew’s grandfather always said: “the right tools make all the difference.”

What’s Next?

We are obsessed with the little things. Our product pipeline represents a commitment to getting the details right. Bend Tool’s products ultimately derive from our own DIY experiences and an appreciation for the finishing touches.

We look forward to sharing our ideas with you over the coming years.

Stay in touch,

Andrew & Stuart